When you open a Gmail Account or Google Account you have the option to use the many tools that are included. Here I will try to explain the basics of each so you have a better undertanding of their use.

Gmail Features

Google Calendar: A complete calendar to organize your daily life. With this tool you will not have an excuse to forget any appointment with your friends, colleagues and family.

Google Docs: A complete office suite on the cloud. You have docs, sheets and slides at your disposable, which are the equivalent to word, excel and powerpoint. You can edit the files from anywhere and when you get home you will have the lates version because all is stored on google drive in the cloud. This way you will always have access to the lates version and you can work together with work partners and every time somebody makes changes to any document, the last version will be available to everyone, even though they are at different places, cities, countries.


Google Drive: Is cloud storage solution Google brings to us. When you have a gmail account you start with 15GB free to start saving your documents, pictures, etc. You can use it as a backup for your important files or your important emails.

Blogger: Is a Blogging platform the lets you crear your own blog for free and gives you the opportunity of making money with it through Adsense, which is the next Google tool I will explain.

Adsense: Is an Ad network for displaying advertisements on your sites. You make money when a user clicks on an ad on any of your sites. You can earn anywhere from $0.01 to more than $10 per click, the average is around $0.20-$0.30 per click.

Google Analytics: Is a web tracking system to view traffic to your websites. If you use blogger you can use this tool to track information about your visitors, where they are from, their language, what operating system they used to surf your site, etc. Ot is a very powerful tool.

Google Play: If you have an android device, smartphone and/tablet, you will need your google account to have access to the millions of apps available on Play Store.

YouTube: You most likely have already visited Youtube, a site full of videos uploaded by users where everyone can see them.

Google +: Google very own social media, very similar to Facebook, where you can connect with all your friends.

Picasa: This is a platform where you can upload all your pictures in simple a and straightforward way.

You can see that Google offers a lot of tools when you open your Gmail Account and the best part is all of them are free. I listed here some of the great tools, there are more that you check out in their platform.

So start taking advantage of all these tools you get from Google, included on every Account.



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