Gmail, which is short for Google Mail, was born on april 2004, over 10 years ago. At first it was a little unstable as any new platform. At first you had to be invited by someone else who already had a gmail account in order for you to open an account.

In the beginning it was known as Google Mail, soon after it was renamed to Gmail. Over the years the platform has been updated and the storage capacity has been incremented. At its beginning it was the email solution with the highest storage capacity. At the time Gmail started, Yahoo and Hotmail, were the biggest names in free emails and their storage was between 20MB and 100MB, Gmail entered with 1GB. This alone brought a lot of subscribers to the new email platform.



It’s major features is what has made it the platform of choice around the world for free email communication. One great security feature is that is uses your mobile phone to activate a new account, this helps eliminate any spam messaging.

Now it includes the option of using Google Docs, Calendar, Drive and many more options that the other free email providers do not have. We will show you tips and tricks to use better this apps with your Google Account.

We will be comparing Gmail with other free email providers as well as premium email providers so come back to see more information.



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