In the present days having an email is essential because not only it helps you communicate with your friends, colleagues and businesses but it also helps you surf the web to register in blogs to comment, subscribe to newsletters and to shop on the internet.

There are many free email providers but one of the best is Gmail because it has so many more options included when you sign up compared to its competitors. Here we will list some of the benefits of Gmail that make it the best choice for personal and business use.

Benefits of a Gmail Account

  • Security

Google takes security very seriously. If you forget your password there are very specific steps to recover it and only the owner can get back the password because of all the security steps google has taken to ensure no one else can get access to your password.


  • Personalisation

The Gmail platform is very easy to customise and you may change almost every aspect of it. You can chafe colours, themes, font size, type of font, how messages are displayed, etc. This way you can modify it to your linking.

  • Multiple Accounts

With Gmail you can have up to 5 POP email accounts in your main gmail so that you don’t have to sign in to each email account. For example, you can have your hotmail and yahoo emails from Gmail, you can receive all new messages to these account and send emails from each of these emails. This a really cool feature you don’t find in many other free email providers. Read Manage Multiple Emails with Gmail for a tutorial on how to set it up..

  • Multiple apps with one account

With your Google Account you have access to, Google Play, Blogger, Pinterest, Google+, Google Docs, Google Drive and much more without having to open a new account for each of this services. It is great to have access with just one username and password to all this services because this helps minimise the number of usernames to access all web services many of us use everyday.


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