Gmail and Hotmail are among the top free email providers to date. They offer a lot of features and best of all is it is completely free. On this article I will be comparing Gmail vs Hotmail to see which is more suited to your needs. As with most products or services each has their pros and cons.

I will compare both email service based on the following 5 features:

  1. Storage space
  2. Spam Filtering
  3. Customising
  4. Email Search
  5. Stability

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Storage Space

When it comes to storage space Gmail offers its free users 15 GB of space to store every email plus the same 15 GB are used for google drive to store files, photos, etc.

Hotmail offers 15 GB as well for email storage and offer OneDrive with the same 15 GB storage for files, photos, etc. That adavantage of OneDrive over Google drive is that the former lets you get more free space for referrals or for linking your mobile devices camera roll. I got another 15 GB for free just for linking my mobile phones camera roll for a total of 30 GB of free storage.

Advantage: Hotmail

Spam Filtering

I have been using both services for more than 6 years so I have good experience on both spam filtering capabilities. I have seen more spam come through my hotmail account than on my gmail account. Over the years i have experienced better spam filtering from my gmail account. This days it is impossible to have 0 spam on your inbox but between this 2 free email option I think Gmail does a better job of filtering it.

Advantage: Gmail


When it comes to changing the way your email looks I haven’t tried much with hotmail as I like it a lot more than any other free email service out there. I like it do much that I change my theme on Gmail to look like Hotmail. You can read more on how I did it on my Changing Gmail themes post here.

There are a lot more options and custom made themes for gmail than there are for hotmail. So if your prefer a more unique look and design to your email then Gmail is the way to go.

Advantage: Gmail

Email Search

I have thousands of emails on both of my accounts, this lets me test the search capabilities of both of this free email service providers. For me personally I like better the search results from Gmail than from Hotmail. It is a lot faster too. No wonder Gmail is the most used free email provider to date.

Advantage: Gmail

2015-03-16 14-01-40 Inbox - - Gmail


This was the most important feature for me because I have a Macbook and I leave it turn on all the time and when I don’t use me Mac I only let it sleep. I almost never turn off my Mac because I prefer that it be ready for use in no time. This is the reason I prefer Macs over Windows PCs. With Windows you can’t leave a computer on sleep for over 2 days without it getting too slow to operate.

Coming back to our topic, each time I turn on my Mac from sleep, Gmail is up and ready for use with no problems whatsoever. It just updates with every new email and doesn’t stall at all.

The problem with Hotmail is that when I turn on my Mac from sleep it doesn’t retrieve all my new mail. I have to refresh the Hotmail page so that it updates. When all new emails are retrieved and I want to delete some of the spam email, when I try to select many emails at once I can’t, it stalls and select other emails I don’t want. It is just frustrating because I have to refresh again the page.

Advantage: Gmail


As you can see from my comparison Gmail beats Hotmail o everything except Storage Space. So for me, I use Gmail for most important emails and I use both Gmail and Hotmail for storage. Let me know what are your thought on the comments section below.


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