To secure your Hotmail Account, you should follow best practices on How to Secure Hotmail Sign In. Gmail and Hotmail are the leading email services offered by Google and Microsoft respectively. There are many security features introduced by Google so that users will be able to use the application without any issues. Hotmail is being revamped on a regular basis to provide great security to its users. You should be aware of different ways to keep your account secured so that transactions can be done in an effortless manner.


The following steps can be performed to enhance user security:


  • Strong passwords
  • Https connectivity
  • Password reset option


Strong passwords


You should use robust passwords so that others will not be able to use them with guest work. Some hackers try brute force methods. Hence, you should choose the hardest possible password which consists of numerals, characters and special symbols. The strong and secured password should not be a meaningful word. There should not be any inclusion of your personal information. By choosing a strong password, you will make your Hotmail Sign in information hard to crack.


Https connectivity


Secure means of sign in is established through https. The security is very much enhanced between Hotmail servers and your computer. The communication will break when a hacker makes an attempt in this direction. Modern browsers are equipped with green bars with which you can understand that you are dealing with a trustworthy resource.


Password reset option


The password reset information should be up-to-date. If you forget your password, you will be able to reset it with the password reset information. To reset the password, you should visit the Windows Live account page. If you include a secondary email address, the reset can be done in a very efficient way. The reset information will be sent to your mobile phone if you include it in the password reset information. The option is available in select countries only.


You should choose the security question and the answer should be provided. While resetting the password, you will want to provide the security question and the answer so that it can be reset without any issues.


Securing Hotmail account


If you are accessing Hotmail from public computer, you should look for https instead of HTTP. ‘Get a single-use code to sign in with’ is a great feature which protects your interests to the greatest potential extent. The feature is supported in few countries only. When you use the feature, you are not required to enter the real password. You will enter the auto generated password which works only once.


The security is further enhanced with Office 365. With the single sign in, you will get access to various services in an effortless manner. The data will be stored in cloud servers and it is possible to edit your emails as well without any difficulty. The data will be stored in Microsoft servers and you can implement various password policies so that security is further enhanced. The password should expire after certain period so that users are required to choose new password.


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